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Product introduction:
Bag air filter is the main force in general ventilation and air conditioning system, and it is a widely used medium efficiency filter. Mainly used to block 5 μ Dust particles above M, bag shaped, can be equipped with various metal frames (galvanized sheet, aluminum sheet, aluminum alloy type). The general replacement cycle of products is 3-6 months, which can be determined according to the specific use situation and surrounding environment.
Product performance:
Liyang bag air filter material is a kind of mesh bag filter material, which is composed of multi-layer non-toxic and harmless polyester fibers by gradient combination and automatic welding process. When the filter medium passes through the filter material, the impurity particles contained in the medium are blocked and adsorbed by classification, so as to form deep filtration, improve the filtration efficiency and service life of the filter material, reduce the filtration resistance, and make the air supply of the filter bag uniform. The product appearance color is marked uniformly, which is easier to identify.
Liyang bag type air filter material integrates two-component melt spinning microfiber, electrostatic injection and multi-layer composite technology. It has the advantages of high efficiency, low resistance, high dust absorption and long service life. The product performance, specification and quality are equal to those of similar products at home and abroad, and the quality meets the European en799: 2002 standard.
Product features:
Stable performance and cleanability: special ultra-fine melt spun fiber is selected to optimize the gradient structure of the product, so that its resistance is smaller and its continuous filtration performance is stable. It can be reused after cleaning
Remarkable electrostatic adsorption and filtration effect: the core filter material selected by Liyang filter bag is produced by liyang's own patented technology. The filter material is injected with rated static electricity, which has strong dust capture ability for micron dust, and has high dust volume and high permeability.
The structure is unique and has a wide range of effects: it is made by international new technology, and the unique air flow dispersion channel design, which reasonably and evenly distributes the filter media in all areas of the filter material, so as to improve the effective use area of the filter material, reduce the pressure of the filter, and prolong the service life and replacement cycle of the filter material. At the same time, the edge seam of the filter bag is fused by ultrasonic, which has good air tightness and bonding strength to prevent air leakage or cracking.
Comparison between traditional filter bag and Liyang filter bag:
For the traditional filter bag, when the filter medium is blown into the filter bag, the bags and bags are extruded and bonded to each other due to bulging, so that the medium can only be output at the bottom of the bag and the parts that are not bonded, which seriously affects the actual effective filtration area of the filter bag. Under the condition of setting the medium flow, the wind speed in the air outlet area is improved, the probability of impurities and particles being adsorbed is reduced, and the actual working filtration efficiency of the filter bag is reduced, At the same time, impurities and dust will deposit in the local position of the filter material, increasing the local load of the filter bag, thereby reducing the service life of the filter bag and increasing the replacement frequency.
Liyang adopts the international standard automatic welding equipment and adds a screen in the filter bag. When the filter medium is blown into the filter bag, due to the restraining effect of the screen, there will be no extrusion between the bag and the bag, so that the medium can pass through each surface of the filter bag evenly, and the impurity dust will not be deposited in the local position of the filter material, which reduces the possibility of increasing the local load of the filter bag, thus improving the service life of the filter bag and reducing the replacement frequency.
Comparison between line filter bag and Liyang net filter bag:
The line separating filter bag is used to hook the line to avoid the phenomenon of mutual extrusion and fitting between bags. However, because there is a large cavity inside the filter bag, there is airflow vortex phenomenon, which makes it easy to form local airflow increase and local dust accumulation in the filter bag, affecting the filtration efficiency and resistance.
Liyang has a mesh filter bag, which optimizes the air passage of the filter bag, evenly distributes the filter space of the filter bag, prevents the formation of vortex in the filter bag, and makes the air outlet smoother and the resistance smaller. At the same time, Liyang mesh filter bag is firmer, more reliable and more convenient to install than the hook line filter bag.
Product usage:
Liyang mesh filter bag is widely used in central air conditioning systems and air filters of various forms of dust removal systems in pharmaceutical, hospital, cosmetics, semiconductor electronics, precision machinery, food, paint booth, dust workshop and other industries.
Product display:

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