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Adsorption pillow

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MOS series adsorption cotton is a general-purpose maintenance adsorption cotton, which is suitable for the field of environmental protection and is the basic material of Liyang adsorption products. Universal adsorbent material has good performance. It can completely handle any liquid in maintenance, repair and operation environment. With perforated lines, you can only use the actual amount you need. The product is chemically inert and antistatic, and its gray can cover up dirt, ensuring its long service life. Maintain a clean and tidy production environment, which is the adsorption material for various production workshops, transportation, laboratories, equipment maintenance, medical and health care and other places. It can also absorb oil.
The absorbent pillow pad made of hydrophilic materials is internally composed of ultra-fine absorbent flocs and fibers, which is more suitable for places with frequent leakage or when disassembling pipelines, such as valves, taps, pipe interfaces, vent valves.
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