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Oil spill Laminate Mats Rolls

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 Liyang oil absorbent cotton is widely used to absorb, clean up and recover the waste liquid from oil leakage and discharge, clean up the oil liquid in the sea, rivers, lakes, ship transportation, wharf port area, oil depot and other water bodies, and also used for leakage prevention and control of factories, pipelines, machinery and equipment.
Liyang oil absorbent cotton does not contain dust and friction particles, which will not damage the surface of the equipment when used.
After absorbing the liquid, Liyang oil absorbent cotton can be reused by extrusion, which will only reduce the adsorption capacity by 10% each time. The extruded oil can be recycled to reduce waste. Liyang oil absorbent cotton can be burned or mixed with fuel, and only 0.02% ash remains after burning.
1. Only absorb oil, not water
2. It will not deteriorate, decompose, and sink into the water after oil absorption
3. After absorbing the liquid, it can be extruded and reused
4. It can be incinerated or mixed with fuel
5. The composite molding technology is adopted, and the surface is made of wear-resistant materials. After the treatment of dens, the strength is enhanced, and the chips do not fall off. It can be used to wipe the leaked oil on the rough surface. It has improved durability, is not easy to be damaged and torn, is easier to be recycled or reused, is more suitable for land use, and is more suitable for laying on the ground and workplaces.
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