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Impermeable composite absorbent pad

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Hos series adsorption cotton is a special adsorption material for absorbing chemical liquids, which is suitable for the field of environmental protection. The adsorption material is inert and anti-corrosion treated, and the polypropylene with active surface treatment can adsorb 15 times its own weight of chemicals, water and water-soluble liquids or oils. With versatility and low cost, it can adsorb chemicals including hydrofluoric acid. Its rapid adsorption reduces the problems caused by the overflow of harmful substances. It is chemically inert, so it will not react with corrosive liquids. It can absorb oil, acid, alkali, oil absorption, acid, alkali, chemicals, coolant and antifreeze and other chemical liquids. It is an emergency disposal material for all kinds of chemical production enterprises, storage and transportation of dangerous goods, and prevention of leakage of all kinds of liquids in laboratories.
It is a special adsorption material for chemicals and has excellent cleaning performance for harmful liquids.
1. After chemical inert treatment, it can resist strong acids and bases
2. It can also absorb petroleum liquids
3. It is used to absorb all kinds of acidic (including hydrofluoric acid), alkaline and most dangerous leakage liquids, non corrosive chemicals and aqueous solutions
4. Impermeable material on one side; The other side is made of anti fuzzing hydrophilic material, with excellent tensile strength;
5. Anti stampede;
6. There is a barrier layer at the bottom. No liquid will penetrate the ground or working face after liquid absorption, and it is easy to clean after use.
7. It can be placed in the workplace for a long time, without causing any pollution to the original environment, without the migration of liquid and debris, and is more suitable for laying on the ground and workplace.
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